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InvigoRest is a natural sleep aid.  It's formulated to help you get the deep rest you need.  It also provides necessary nutrients for daytime energy.

InvigoRest is non-harmful and non-habit forming, unlike many prescriptions and over-the-counter (OTC) sleep aids which have a negative effect on the liver or other organs. InvigoRest contains L-arginine which may actually help reduce liver damage already caused by sleep aids and other substances.

  • InvigoRest Ultimate with Hemp Seed Powder
    InvigoRest Ultimate with Hemp Seed Powder
    Our new InvigoRest Ultimate with Hemp Seed Powder contains the same effective InvigoRest Ultimate formula but includes the well-established benefits of hemp seed powder.  This brand new product is not only great...
  • InvigoRest Ultimate
    InvigoRest Ultimate Powder
    InvigoRest Ultimate has been fine tuned and is our best sleep product yet. Instant Savingssavings are applied automatically Product Size Regular Price Sale Price Your Savings 15 Scoops $32...
  • InvigoRest Ultimate Capsules
    InvigoRest Ultimate Capsules
     Back In Stock InvigoRest™ ULTIMATE Sleep FormulaNow you can enjoy the benefits of InvigoRest an an easy-to-swallow capsule form.   Ingredients may help your...