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Powerful Natural Sleep Aid

Try This Natural Sleep Aid for Deep, Restorative Sleep

The most effective sleep aid ever!

Posted by Elizabeth on 11th Sep 2012

I've had difficulty sleeping my entire life and have tried virtually every sleep-aid product available with little success. That situation changed literally overnight when I began taking InvigoRest. It introduced an entirely new pattern into my life: I was able to fall asleep easily, sleep deeply through the night, and wake up feeling rested. The whole experience felt so completely natural, as though I had simply re-connected with the normal pattern of sleeping. Not only am I able to sleep well every night, but I feel like a life-time of exhaustion from not sleeping has been overturned. And, what's more, even after taking InvigoRest for several years, it works just as effectively as when I first began taking it.

InvigoRest contains nutrients that are essential for balanced brain chemistry instead of inhibiting the brain’s ability to produce those chemicals as many prescription and over-the-counter sleep aids do.

InvigoRest is non-harmful and non-habit forming. Unlike many prescriptions and over-the-counter (OTC) sleep aids, it doesn’t have a negative effect on your liver or any other organ. Conversely, InvigoRest contains L-arginine which may help reduce liver damage already caused by other sleep aids and substances.

Your body repairs itself during sleep, and the amount of time spent sleeping is not as important as the quality of sleep one experiences. As you know, a lack of deep sleep can cause a wide variety of physical, mental, and emotional disorders.

Wake up rested

Posted by Lori on 12th Jul 2013

I have Lyme disease which has created insomnia for almost 20 years. Most of the time when I take this product I sleep well through the night. The best part is that I don't wake up groggy and feel better during the day with more energy. I never felt like this with any other sleep aid. Will keep using it!


Why InvigoRest?

InvigoRest is an all-natural amino acid and herbal supplement for deep sleep. It also provides necessary nutrients for daytime energy... so you won’t wake up feeling groggy. These amino acids are derived form plant sources, and there is no artificial sweetener, no artificial color, and no artificial flavor. Our labeling process is honest and you can see exactly what you’re consuming by looking at the product labels below.

InvigoRest contains nutrients that are essential for balanced brain chemistry instead of inhibiting the brain’s ability to produce those chemicals as many prescription and over-the-counter sleep aids do.

InvigoRest is non-habit forming. Many people take it occasionally instead of every night.


The best sleep ever!!!

Posted by Vicki Bainard on 9th Oct 2012

I have been researching and trying sleep aids for years...after learning I shouldn't take melatonin with Amlodapine (antihypertensive). I was at a loss as to with what I could replace it. I saw the ad on KNOW THE CAUSE with Doug Kaufman and ordered it soon after. I am so thankful I did, because this product has helped me go to sleep and stay asleep longer than anything I've yet to find.


This product is amazing!

Posted by Julie Wells on 28th May 2012

It was important to me not to take any prescription drugs to go to sleep. This product was recommended to me by my physician who could have given me a prescription for Ambien. I don't take Invigorest every night but those nights when life brings you some stress or just restless sleep, I can take one or two capsules and I just doz off into a lovely slumber. I never wake up feeling drugged or off my game. I love that it is all natural and safe. I would recommend it completely!!

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How does this natural sleep aid work?

The reason InvigoRest works so well for deep rest is because it’s a balanced formula of amino acid precursors necessary for the production of brain chemicals.  These brain chemicals, called neurotransmitters, are essential for the brain to be balanced and able to function properly which includes "shutting off" for deep rest and "turning on" in the daytime with energy and mental clarity.  The first and most abundant ingredient is a natural derivative of the amino acid, Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) called 4-amino 3-phenylbutyric acid.  This is the ingredient that makes InvigoRest the preferred product for rest—above all the others.  This natural ingredient was discovered in 1968. It crosses the blood brain barrier very easily and works as a GABA agonist to increase GABA in the brain.  GABA is the most important inhibitory neurotransmitter or "off switch" in the brain.

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How do I take it, and when will I see results?natural sleep aid

Most people report getting better sleep with their first serving of InvigoRest.

InvigoRest is also available in capsule form for those who prefer capsules. Our capsules are small and easy to swallow.

Mix InvigoRest in your favorite juice or water or simply allow it to absorb in your mouth and swallow. You may want to start with a quarter of a scoop the first night to test your sensitivity.

Many people only require half of a scoop or less. InvigoRest is POWERFUL. Some first time users may experience morning drowsiness when taking more of the product than is needed.

Some people may feel energized after taking InvigoRest before bed. This “energized” state passes quickly for most but some find that taking InvigoRest earlier in the evening works better for them.





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